Increase Sales with AMAZON FBM

Build a scalable fulfillment network that enables you to compete and grow on Amazon with 1-2 day delivery nationwide


Ware2Go’s offering provides Amazon FBM sellers with a flexible solution to compete in the marketplace and guarantee 1-2 day delivery without FBA fees or restrictions, while simplifying multi-channel fulfillment through one scalable network.

Benefits of Amazon FBM vs. FBA

better control & margins

Amazon Sellers doing their own fulfillment retain control over their inventory and packaging. They also have the ability to choose who they work with to improve margins across multiple marketplaces.

grow sales without
a prime badge

Not having a Prime Badge doesn’t automatically mean lower sales. HyVIDA switched from FBA to FBM with Ware2Go and actually increased marketplace sales by 75%.

stay competitive
with 1-2 day delivery

You don’t have to use FBA to offer 1-2 day delivery for your customers. Ware2Go helped HyVIDA improve the entire delivery experience when they switched from Amazon.

Ware2Go For Your Amazon Fulfillment

A configurable fulfillment network to help you grow your business through Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM). FBM powered by Ware2Go is a profitable alternative to FBA. 

Amazon FBM with Ware2Go gives you control over inventory, packaging and 1-2 day delivery nationwide through Amazon and all other marketplaces. 

Through Amazon FBA, sellers do not have any access to customers who buy their products through the marketplace. The relationship is owned by Amazon and communications or marketing messages from the seller’s brand are not allowed. 

Achieve 75% nationwide coverage with as few as 5 Ware2Go warehouses, or build a custom network to reach only your most profitable region.

Our network analysis includes assessment of time and day order distribution to ensure calendar day delivery promises are met.

Configure a network based on your product size and profitability to prioritize ground shipments over next-day air.

Ware2Go was the first fulfillment provider that took full responsibility for the safe delivery of our product. Dropping our Prime badge in favor of a more flexible and scalable solution actually grew our business rather than hindering it.

Rick Smith


Oversized vs Standard Costs

Amazon has unique requirements for oversized products vs standard products. Oversized products incur higher fees for sellers and include anything larger than a shoebox. 

Configure Your Network

Ware2Go’s network of warehouse partners gives Amazon sellers 1-2 day coverage nationwide. We’ve built tools to show you how to configure your network strategy to maximize coverage and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon FBM means fulfilled by merchant. Sellers who want to retain control of their inventory and fulfillment, are able to sell through the marketplace without the fees and requirements of Amazon FBA or SFP. 

The Seller Fulfilled Prime program gives sellers Prime status and benefits, including customer service support from Amazon, with orders packed and shipped by the seller from their own fulfillment centers.

Oversized sellers may serve only the regions they choose with new Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) delivery standards. Sellers must only meet page view and Saturday fulfillment requirements in these regions, granting them access to loyal Prime customers in their most profitable geographies.

Amazon oversized items weigh over 20 pounds or ship in a box that is longer than 18 inches on any single size?