Carbon Offset Shipping

Ware2Go is offsetting 100% of CO2 emissions for all clients across our network through global forest conservation

Our CO2
Offset Initiative

Ware2Go’s Carbon Offset Shipping Network is free for all clients and offsets all CO2 emissions from small parcel, LTL, FTL, and air shipments with the purchase of carbon credits, making it a fully green network. With Ware2Go’s 2-day shipping guarantees, your customers don’t have to choose between fast shipping and sustainable shipping.


Offering sustainable shipping can improve your brand image and grow your sales. Our research shows:

88% of consumers value sustainability in their purchase decisions


41% of consumers prioritize sustainable shipping when shopping online


66% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a merchant with sustainable shipping

“O2 exists to be a force for positive change, but as we’ve grown, so has our carbon impact. Through this initiative, Ware2Go has made it easy for us to achieve both carbon neutrality and 2-day shipping, which are both very important to us and our customers.”

Dave Colina, CEO at O2 Recovery

How It Works

STEP 1: Pachama and Ware2Go’s analysts will work together to determine the monthly carbon emissions in metric tonnes of all shipments across Ware2Go’s network.


STEP 2: Based on these emissions, Ware2Go will purchase the appropriate number of carbon credits on our clients’ behalf.


STEP 3: Through a diverse portfolio of projects Pachama will use the purchased carbon credits to restore vital ecosystems, prevent deforestation of old-growth forests, and transition working forests to sustainable forests.


Putting better data in the hands of people that care to create a healthy, living planet

Pachama’s mission is focused on restoring nature to solve climate change. Leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and automation, Pachama is improving the carbon market and making it easier to protect ecosystems and restore forests through highly impactful projects.


Sustainability In The Final Mile

Ware2Go surveyed consumers to learn more about how they view sustainability in their ecommerce shopping habits. The following report explores the environmental impact of the ecommerce boom, consumer expectations, and best practices for a more sustainable final mile.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Ware2Go is fully funding the initiative and automatically enrolling all current and future clients at no cost to the client.

Carbon offset shipping means that all emissions produced during the shipping and delivery process are being offset by the purchase of carbon credits supporting forest projects that draw a comparable amount of CO2 back into the atmosphere therefore neutralizing the carbon output. 

Yes, every Pachama project is certified by a 3rd party, either VCS, GS, CAR, or ACR. 

The UN introduced the carbon credit system where each credit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2 equivalent removed, reduced, or avoided from the environment. Carbon credits represent climate benefits that would not have been achieved without carbon finance.

Latest trends show that shoppers are becoming increasingly more eco-conscious in their purchasing decisions, but a study released by Shopify revealed that many shoppers will choose speed and convenience over a more sustainable option when it comes to ecommerce shipping. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, 65% of consumers want to support sustainable brands, but only 26% actually do. Ware2Go’s 1- to 2-day ground delivery network, backed by their new Carbon Offset Shipping Network, eliminates the need for brands and consumers to choose between fast and sustainable shipping options.