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Warehousing & Fulfillment
August 4, 2020
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Ware2Go’s partnerships with its merchants and warehouses went beyond delivery speed and a flexible fulfillment model as they worked together to provide vital support to America’s frontline workers. Together they offered essential supplies and some much-needed pick-me-ups, delivering them all with record speed.

The world is looking different these days as we adjust to the changes brought on by COVID-19. Many people are working from home, consumer shopping habits have shifted online in response to social distancing, and there is an air of uncertainty as we all navigate the new reality and constant change.

While change can be hard, we’ve seen innovation spurred in many fields of business, including the field of logistics. Ware2Go, a UPS logistics company that enables businesses of all sizes to compete and grow, uses technology and data-driven insights to help merchants make smarter decisions around their fulfilment and supply chain. While the business model was not designed to serve a philanthropic purpose, when assessing the global pandemic’s impact, Ware2Go felt an obligation to employ their fulfillment resources to assist America’s healthcare workers on the frontlines and use fulfillment for good. Ware2Go’s on-demand network of warehouses enables merchants to offer 1-2 day delivery across the U.S., and through partnership with some of its forward-thinking merchant partners, Ware2Go has applied these services for good in a unique capacity.

Ware2Go + 1M Masks

1M Masks has provided over 287,000 masks to healthcare workers in New York

In March, as New York City became the site of the first U.S. COVID-19 hotspot, frontline healthcare workers were in dire need of personal protective equipment including face masks, goggles, gowns, shields, and Tyvek suits. In response to the supply shortage, Shafqat Islam, the CEO of Newscred, founded1M Masks to distribute much-needed PPE to hospital systems in NYC and beyond. His goal was straightforward, he wanted to rally the NYC startup community around the need in their community and provide free PPE to frontline healthcare workers. The challenge was finding a simple, fast, and affordable way to distribute that PPE. 1M Masks and Ware2Go forged a natural partnership. Using Ware2Go’s established 1-2 day delivery network and integrating a Shopify eCommerce cart into their logistics technology, 1M Masks was able to set up an eCommerce store on their website that would automatically trigger warehouse fulfillment through Ware2Go.

“Ware2Go is happy to support healthcare professionals who are going above and beyond for our communities,” said Ware2Go CEO Steve Denton, who lived in New York for 20 years. “We’re trying to make it easy for them to get the equipment they need so they can focus their efforts on helping the patients who need their attention.”

Ware2Go’s donation of internal resources and shipping costs, along with donated labor costs by warehouse partner Transformco at its Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania warehouse fully funded the expedited shipping costs to support 1M Masks’ efforts. This assistance, along with donations to the 1M Masks website, has allowed the organization to provide these vital supplies completely free of charge to America’s frontline workers. As of May 3rd, 1M Masks had donated 307,389 total PPE including 287,750 KN95 masks. 

“We owe it to the doctors and nurses on the frontline to help them, and with the help of our wonderful partners, we are making it happen,” 1M Masks creator Shaqat Islam said.

Ware2Go + Clear Cut Phocus

Healthcare workers at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles enjoying their Phocus drinks

Another of Ware2Go’s merchant partners found a unique opportunity to meet a need in the healthcare community. Clear Cut Phocus is a caffeinated sparkling water company launched in 2017. Co-founder and President John Mittell was inspired by his experience in medical school to create a healthy alternative to energy drinks that would help him stay energized while working long hours. Mittell knew first-hand the rigors of working in the healthcare industry and hoped to contribute to the fight against the virus by donating Phocus to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

“Donating Phocus to hospitals was a no brainer,” said Mittel, “My time in medical school showed me first hand how grueling the job of frontline workers can be. It is an honor to be able to help them stay hydrated and energized as they are working to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic.”

Phocus used email and social media channels to identify healthcare workers in need and shipped full 12-pack cases of their product both to individuals at their homes and to entire  teams at their healthcare facilities. Ware2Go’s nationwide fulfillment solution enabled seamless delivery to these varied destinations across 40 states, and through their partnership, Ware2Go and Phocus have distributed over 200,000 cans of their product to over 450 hospitals and care facilities. 

“To say things have been crazy would probably be an understatement,” said Krystle Carpenter, a grief counselor at NYC Children’s Hospital, “[Phocus] has been a lifesaver. I can get hydrated and get that boost I need to get through a slump or power through a long, tough day!”

A Continuing Partnership

Ware2Go stands in support of healthcare workers as they continue their invaluable work on the frontlines of our nation’s fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. As the pandemic continues, Ware2Go remains committed to meaningful partnerships with its merchants and warehouses to innovate solutions, serve communities, and identify opportunities to employ its valuable fulfillment resources for good.

Ware2Go has an extensive network of warehouses and uses a combination of fast shipping and 3PL technologies to enable clients to have 1-2 day shipping capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about Ware2Go’s fulfillment services, click here. You can read more about how Ware2Go works with its clients to solve their shipping needs here.

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