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10 Things to Know About Ware2Go’s Nationwide Warehouse Network

Warehousing & Fulfillment
April 22, 2021
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Ware2Go’s fulfillment experts have talked to thousands of merchants of all sizes and industries to determine how merchants manage their warehousing and fulfillment workflows and how they select an outsourced provider like Ware2Go. From these discussions, our team has assembled a list of merchants’ most common questions when considering outsourcing fulfillment to a partner with a nationwide warehouse network.

10 Common Questions About Ware2Go’s Nationwide Warehouse Network

1. How does Ware2Go’s nationwide warehouse network enable 2-day delivery? Central to Ware2Go’s service offerings is its nationwide distributed network of warehouses. This network gives merchants access to dozens of warehouse locations across the U.S. to forward-stock inventory as close to their end customers as possible, to enable nationwide 2-day ground shipping. 99.9% of the US has guaranteed 2-day delivery through strategic placement in each of the  three “super regions” (West, Central, and East). Within each region, our team determines the facilities closest to your largest pockets demand for the fastest shipping times to the largest percentage of your customers. ‍Depending on the unique customer footprints of our merchants, we can store their products in as many or as few warehouses as necessary to guarantee 2-day delivery. For example, a merchant that needs to reach customers across the entire country in two days could leverage a warehouse in all three super regions – for example, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Richmond – for nationwide coverage. For merchants looking to expand their international customer base, Ware2Go’s international shipping offerings allow merchants to extend their reach cross-border.

2. How does Ware2Go maintain its ambitious Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)? Ware2Go considers warehouse partners an extension of our team, and we hold them to 99% on-time fulfillment and delivery SLA’s. By aggregating inventory of multiple merchants in a single warehouse, Ware2Go is able to obtain service levels for small to mid-sized merchants that are usually reserved for high-volume shippers only. In fact, since Amazon’s announcement of its new Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) requirements, Ware2Go has maintained 99.5% on-time fulfillment for SFP sellers.

Our warehouse partners are committed to maintaining SLA’s because our clients are a valuable addition to their overall ADV (average daily volume). Our partner, Regis Corporation, has seen so much value generated from their partnership with Ware2Go that they plan to allocate another 1-2 warehouses within their nationwide warehouse exclusively to Ware2Go’s clients.

3. Who operates the Ware2Go warehouses within the nationwide warehouse network, & who do I contact for customer support? Our warehouses are all independently operated by our 3PL and distribution center partners. These facilities must pass an extensive vetting and testing process, including a 100+ point inspection, to be added to Ware2Go’s network. Their workflows are integrated with our technology platform, allowing merchants to connect all of their sales channels to their fulfillment functions through a single platform.

Once a merchant is onboarded with Ware2Go, they are assigned a customer success manager (CSM) that will become their primary contact for all types of inquiries moving forward. If merchants ever have issues or questions regarding the operations at any of our warehouse partners, their CSM serves as the primary point of contact to facilitate solutions with warehouse partners. In this way, merchants can rely on a single point of contact through Ware2Go for warehouse support. Visibility into day-to-day operations and fulfillment and delivery statuses is enabled by Ware2Go’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS).

4. How and when are new warehouses added to the Ware2Go network? As Ware2Go sees changes in demand in a particular region or with a particular capability (such as cold storage), we can efficiently onboard additional facilities to support these needs. We seek out new warehouse partnerships that broaden our services and storage offerings and enhance our technological capabilities. Each potential partner is carefully vetted through a complete audit of the warehouse’s operations, complete with an in-person assessment and 30-day trial period.

Ware2Go’s Salt Lake City Warehouse Partner

5. What if my fulfillment needs change over time? Ware2Go’s solution is fully flexible and scalable, making it a perfect solution for both seasonal and high-growth merchants. This flexibility applies to changes in order volume, sales channels, and transportation mode and has helped our merchants build resilient supply chains that are able to withstand an often volatile market. Merchant partner O2 Recovery pivoted their selling strategy when their main sales channel was shut down. Practically overnight, their order mix shifted from a majority of retail shipments to small parcel residential deliveries. Ware2Go’s flexibility allowed them to make this shift seamlessly without loss of revenue.

6. How is Ware2Go’s pricing structured? Merchants that store inventory in Ware2Go’s facilities are charged only for the exact amount of warehouse space they use, during the exact duration of time that they use it. This scalability has proven vitally beneficial for merchants who value the flexibility afforded by limiting their investment in fixed assets . It is also advantageous for merchants with heavily seasonal sales cycles, as these businesses are able to effectively scale their usage up or down throughout the year in-line with demand. For a detailed fulfillment cost analysis for your business, chat with one of our in-house experts here.

7. What types of products can be stored at Ware2Go’s warehouses? By onboarding warehouses with a variety of storage capabilities and capacities, Ware2Go can service a broad range of products through our network, and we are constantly working to expand the scope of our offering in this regard. Most recently, we have onboarded new warehouses that specialize in areas like refrigeration and the storage of pharmaceuticals, which has enabled us to partner with merchants in new industries from food and bev to healthcare. Our capabilities around batch lot tracking and FIFO/LIFO protocols make us an ideal partner for nutraceuticals and other perishable goods.

In addition to the breadth of product types we support, Ware2Go can also facilitate custom kitting or packaging workflows as a value-added service for merchants that request it. As merchants are onboarded to our platform, they can outline the unique kitting requirements they have or the custom packaging workflows that need to be supported. Once these requirements are conveyed and confirmed, Ware2Go can assign them to the appropriate warehouse to ensure a seamless pick, pack, and delivery process.

8. How can I maintain visibility to the inventory I have stored at Ware2Go’s warehouses? Ware2Go’s platform, FulfillmentVu serves as WMS, OMS, and TMS and gives merchants near-time insights into inventory levels and fulfillment and delivery statuses. Through this system, merchants can also inbound additional stock, analyze the accuracy and efficiency of order fulfillment, and gain insights into demand seasonality and geography. The platform also allows merchants to upload new orders for fulfillment and connect with Ware2Go’s support teams. For a full demo of our cutting edge fulfillment technology, reach out to one of our in-house experts.

9. Can Ware2Go’s technology integrate with my e-commerce platform? Ware2Go’s logistics Saas solution, FulfillmentVu, integrates with any sales channel on both the front and back-end. The platform connects via API integrations with e-commerce marketplaces and platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce, as well as ERP platforms like SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite. This automates the process of uploading orders from e-commerce platforms to our WMS for expedited fulfillment, and then from our WMS to an ERP or other system for data management, reporting, and analysis. FulfillmentVu also offers its own high-level reporting for network optimization, supply chain efficiencies, and inventory management.

10. How do I begin using Ware2Go’s network, and how do I select my warehouses? Merchants can fill out this form to connect with our team and have a full network analysis to determine the number and placement of warehouses best suited for your sales patterns. This analysis is completed through our custom supply chain tools that injest your sales data to build a fully customized network.

Depending on your criteria, Ware2Go will typically recommend the deployment of your inventory in anywhere from one to six warehouses. Once you have reviewed and are satisfied with your warehouse selection and deployment strategy, Ware2Go will assist with inbounding your inventory. Reach out to one of our fulfillment experts to get started.

Leverage Our Nationwide Warehouse Network

The highly flexible and scalable nature of Ware2Go’s fulfillment solution helps merchants build a resilient supply chain able to pivot on a dime to meet changes in the market and consumer demand. To learn more about how Ware2Go’s network could work for your business, reach out to one of our fulfillment experts.

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